Fallout Equestria: Nova

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Fallout Equestria: Nova

Post by BruinsBrony » Sat Feb 15, 2014 10:38 pm

Or maybe Fallout Equestria: Fallen. I can't decide. Hello guys, I'm BruinsBrony. I've been working on this slice-of-wasteland-life story on and off for about two months. It started as a daydream and then I realized that I wanted more than anything to make it a graphic novel. So this was really just meant to be a guideline while i drew the comic. But I couldn't just make up the story on the fly, I needed an in depth script to work off of. So my 5 page synopsis became a 30 page fan fic. I know, 30 pages isn't that much, but you're talking to the guy who hasn't written a paper that isn't about architecture for years. Yeah, I'm not much of a writer either. But overall, I'm extremely proud of it. I have the first few pages drawn but I don't want to post them to dA until I draw all of the introduction, about 10 pages, to hook readers...hopefully. Maybe I can give you guys a sneak peek :)

Spoiler: show

Anyways, what I need help with is: "is this story any good?" if I'm going to be working my flank off to draw a comic, I want people to enjoy the story. I'm willing to change some parts of the story for a better plot, although I think it's come a long way since my first draft.


I hope you like it :D

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