(PNP) NCR Rangers.

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(PNP) NCR Rangers.

Postby Shady_steps » Fri Jul 17, 2015 5:12 am

A new initiative by General Olive Branch, the NCR has long relied upon the Applejack Rangers and Followers of the Apocalypse to deal with the threats that its armed forces cannot. In a tense council meeting that lasted six hours President Jam Jar, Princess Surprise and Protector Hera Grimfeather all agreed and granted the initiative enough funding to provide The Rangers with three field teams, and minor administration potential pending review.

Using the new Shady Steps ruleset 1.0 this Pen and Paper RPG game will involve the players joining a new Branch of the New Canterlot Republic, The Rangers.

You will have to manage public opinion, poor funding and a volatile wasteland taking its first steps out of the darkness fighting all the things that want to see it fall back into the screaming dark and never emerge and exell, growing The rangers power and influence as well as its reach in the world.

This game will take place 40 Years AFTER Sunshine and rainbows, if I remember right that is 30 years after the Gardens Of Equestria have been used.


I will only accept players who use the character sheet, or one derived from my "Shady Steps" ruleset character sheet.

Players who have applied and are ready for the game.

Pistol Whip as Pistol Whip

A young mare from New Cloudsdale, she joined the NCR Army at a young age and has worked her way into favor with the higher ups, she was given a opportunity to join the new NCR Rangers and took the job!

Ginrummy as Princess Solitaire

Royalty from the society in hoofington, In the years following the activation of the Gardens of Equstria the Society came to prominence as the richest but smallest major power in the wastes, setting up embassies in the growing Enclave Reminent Empire in the far north, New Canterlot and even across the sea in the zebra homeland. The Society works as the worlds only real bank and uses this power to grow its influence paying for public services and loaning money to interested ponies... at an interest of course.

On a diplomatic meeting Princess Solitaire joined the NCR Rangers as a civilian expert why the Princess of the banking superpower would join a branch of the NCR armed forces is not publicly known.

Prismatic Haiku as Zilaka

Crucible as Crucible

Feel free to apply for a space in this game, I intend to run this game weekly on a Tuesday when all my players are free and available, if it is impossible for all players to attended I am fully willing to adjust the time frame for the game.

Eldridch horror!
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Re: (PNP) NCR Rangers.

Postby TyrannisUmbra » Sun Jul 19, 2015 4:10 pm

It's a shame you're set on a Tuesday, because I'm definitely curious. Curious enough to try to learn the ruleset, at least. If you end up moving the day around, maybe you could give me a heads up and we could talk over the IRC?
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Re: (PNP) NCR Rangers.

Postby GhostlyReader » Fri Jul 24, 2015 7:18 pm

I'm interested. I'll need a short bit of time to throw together a character, but that can be done with all speed if necessary.

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Re: (PNP) NCR Rangers.

Postby TheWanderingZebra » Mon Jul 27, 2015 3:10 pm

Hey, I'd like a spot as well if the time on Tuesday works for my Uni schedule. At a gamily vacation right now with barely working wifi, so may be awhile before I can make a character sheet.
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Re: (PNP) NCR Rangers.

Postby GreenBank » Sat Aug 29, 2015 8:00 pm

I'm interested. Got a few character ideas worth developing for something like this.

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