Recruiting Players: "The Heart of Equestria" (Skype/Sunday)

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Re: Recruiting Players: "The Heart of Equestria" (Skype/Sund

Postby Gavinfoxx » Sun Apr 12, 2015 10:09 am

Due to people dropping, and some scheduling things, this game is now generally starting at 12:30 PM EST!

Also, there are open spots for a Zebra and possibly a Pegasus/Batpony!

Anyone interested should IM me on skype!
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Re: Recruiting Players: "The Heart of Equestria" (Skype/Sund

Postby TyrannisUmbra » Sun Apr 12, 2015 1:12 pm

As a note, you should provide links to the versions of the rulesets you're using in the first post, along with any other special things you want them to use, so ponies know and have easy access to them.
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Re: Recruiting Players: "The Heart of Equestria" (Skype/Sund

Postby Gavinfoxx » Sun Apr 12, 2015 2:10 pm

It's a custom ruleset which will require lots of skype chat with me to hash out which is why I suggested chats first!
My Skype is my username, please contact me that way if you want to reach me.

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Re: Recruiting Players: "The Heart of Equestria" (Skype/Sund

Postby Gavinfoxx » Mon Apr 27, 2015 6:04 pm

Hello all! I'm looking for a replacement player. The player for Lupe kinda, uh, left the game, and the possible replacement seems to have lost contact with us, so I need a replacement player who is willing to:

1.) Play a unicorn
2.) Take over, seamlessly, an existing character in the game
3.) Re-imagine the character so that it fits where you want to take the character, keeping the species and name. Edit: Okay, I might budge on the name, but if you could keep the name similar, that would be helpful. EVERYTHING else is up for change; history, gender, cutie mark, personality, focus, skills, etc. etc. The point is to make it seamless, not to stop a player from playing their own character! By the way, there is NOT a lot of gameplay history for the character; the gamer was a bit of a wallflower, and the game has NOT gotten that far; so don't be intimidated by imaginings of lots of in character history; there isn't that!

The original character is the one from this post:

If you are wondering. Please IM me if you want to talk about doing this!
My Skype is my username, please contact me that way if you want to reach me.

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Re: Recruiting Players: "The Heart of Equestria" (Skype/Sund

Postby Damhoof » Tue May 12, 2015 7:06 pm

What times, EST / GMT -5, exactly, can you play? And what is your ranking of Skype with a web roller, Roll20 or similar, or IRC for preferred gaming method?

What is your character's name? Their nickname? That thing that people call your character sometimes that really annoys them?
Character name : Loupe. No nickname so far. He dislikes being called a nerd, or have ponies with a negative outlook call him a dreamer.

What is their species and gender and age?
male unicorn, 25.

What do they look like?
He is best described as lean with wiry muscles. He earned those through outdoor activity rather than any active attempt at working out on his part. His light beige coat while groomed is not kept well and he has an uncut red mane and tail.
The length of his mane and it's shape gives him a slightly effeminate appearance when properly combed. It is however often in a crazed state of disorder, with large spikes of hair jutting out from his mane randomly.
His blue eyes are often hidden by a pair of special sunglasses that help him see better, and he is often seen in a pre war utility jumpsuit that hides his cutiemark. The cutiemark is a jewlers loupe, shining a ray of light on a bronze cogwheel.

What are their tag skills?
Medicine, Mechanics, Science

What is their personality like at game start?
His nature is to be curious, but experience has tempered his inquisitive zeal. He is considerably socially conscious about ponies that hold or appear to hold positions of power, like a town leader, or village elder, and he doesn't like getting into conflict with those types. He's considerably proficient and likes to show off his skill with a bit of theatrical flare.

Why is your character adventuring in general?
He always knew his cutiemark was not made for a smithy, nor was he particularly fond about simply being a part of a very simple community for that matter. He set about questing for old world technology and knowledge after becoming slightly competent with medicine.

What is a bit of information about your character's background?
His father was a smith working a smithy, and his mother was a barmaid. The pair and the tiny community did their best to raise and teach a son that was far too smart for their ways to allure him. He was too frail to work a smithy by hoof, but had an easy enough time making old world parts to restore broken things - just with telekinesis. A genuine toaster repair pony to be certain.

What is a dramatic or impacting or important event that happened when your character was still growing up? What was your character's upbringing like?
He was fairly anti social with others of his age, preferring to read old half eligible books to social conduct and interaction with others. His father was a buck of few words, often pushing him to be of use in the smithy so he might have his son take up the job, but it was quite clear in the end that his son was too clever by half to be a simple smith.
He spent his time studying the older world, through practical repair jobs around town, and was more handy with a wrench and tools of science. His way was a way of skeptical interrogation of the world, and the way he would often stare at the sky to catch a glimpse of what was above was met with very limited success. He would often be called a dreamer, and other more harsh tones by ponies he considered significantly more jaded than himself.
That was when he started taking trips out of town to find a rift in the sky, but he did not find much. This only cemented him further as a wanderer. He did however find a picture of the starry sky during his outings, and hearing tales of rifts in the sky elsewhere he managed to get signed up with a caravan to find out more about why things were as they were. His skills as a medic were greatly appreciated there.

How did they join this adventuring group in particular?
Apparently he met Nydar and the two had themselves an incident of quite epic proportions that ensured his continued loyalty to the changeling, and he's been with the group ever since, but we can talk about that as a group.

The group is not yet named. What do they want it to be called and why?
He hasn't figured that out yet. It is probably something fluid or symbolic of change.

Your character trusts the other adventurers with his life, as they are your comrades. Why, and how did they earn your character's trust, and your character theirs? There was a Noodle incident.

One of the core concepts of this game is that you are -at least relatively- a hero. You can still have flaws and want profit and stuff, but your viewpoint will likely enable you to go out and do right by people. This is an aberrant viewpoint in the wastes. How did you come across this viewpoint? How does your character express it?
He has found out about equestrian law and lore to the point where he wants civilization to return, and he tries his best to be a reflection of that lore. It is however quite clear to him that almost anypony he encounters has most certainly broken with these rules in that respect, and as such he doesn't have any compulsions of mercy when put in combat because there is no official system he respects to take care of brigands and lawless ponies.

There will be a chance for romance in this game, and the main characters are of a broad mix of species, with a distinct mix of genders. How does your character view romance?
He is terrible with romance, and often finds himself unable to put words to his emotions. This is especially true after meeting a real changeling.

The group will be in violent confrontations. Sometimes against monsters, sometimes against ponies, sometimes against robots. When something goes 'rar' and tries to eat the group, how does your character contribute to the group's success in a violent confrontation? Pay specific attention to what weapons, tactics, and fighting styles you see your character drawn to.
He is very much confident at range with a multitude of old world energy weapons. He doesn't enjoy drawn out conflict, and prefers to end things fast. He will try to figure out a weak point and pelt whoever or whatever with lazers, and then try to heal and help whoever needs it on his side. That is not to mention how he can teleport around and wield magic to provide cover from enemy fire, or get to somepony injured in time to save them.

The group will sometimes be exploring and looting in peaceful old prewar places. How does your character contribute to the success of these expeditions? Keeping them healthy, hacking computers, and repairing broken equipment. He also has a decent grasp of manipulation magic that might let them pass by certain obstacles without much issue.

The group will sometimes come into issues when at town, usually social issues, but not always. How does your character contribute to being useful when interacting with peaceful townsfolk? He can perform medical services, or offer his skills as a toaster repair pony to temporarily improve their lot in life.

What skills will your character be best at first? Science, Mew, and then Mechanics / Medicine. After which he might grab a minor in explosives / survival.

By level 20, what will they have branched out into being good at, and how will they use those skills? Loupe will get better at lazer tagging, and eventually he will take on the job of fabricate weapons and gear for the benefit of the group as a whole. After that he will take on the finer points of medicine to keep those he call friends alive, and eventually be able to make cyberpony parts with the combined knowledge of mechanics, science, and medicine.

What are some of your character's major goals?

Find holes or rifts in the cloud cover.
Find teachers that can help him develop his magical potential.
Find memory orbs related to the ministry mares, or their ministries. This is especially true for the ministry of magic.
Find cyberpony / powered armor parts.
Craft larger scale MEW weaponry.

What about dreams, the sorts of things that go beyond a goal that they feel it is appropriate to work towards?
Discover how to make spell matrices, that will let him take enchanting / Mew / science / mechanics / medicine to it's most logical conclusions. The making of cyberpony parts, and reforging of powered armor.
Powered armor designed for a unicorn would be great.
* Cough * Become an alicorn * Cough *

What are some of your character's minor goals?
Assist in outfitting and maintaining the group with decent armor / weapons.
Protect Nydar's secret.
Find Arcane «magically attuned» crystals, and other assorted magical objects and trinkets.

Like to find particular items, or to delve particular areas, or to uncover the secrets of a particular mystery? Find a factory, ministry building, or a facility for research that has remained relatively untouched.
Find a set of memory orbs that are designed for teaching unicorns certain spell-crafts.
Find orbs of memory that depict moments of beauty, love, or technology.
Discover a place that can generate power. (a hydro dam, a power plant, or anything of that kind).

What does your character covet?
Prewar technology, Prewar knowledge, Prewar attitude.

What sorts of capabilities do you see as appropriate for your character to gain in trained perks, or quest perks, or book perks, or achievement perks, or other 'not leveling' sorts of things?

Additional vocation / Additional Spellcount
Pipbuck training.
Powered armor training (maybe).
Great and powerful / celestial tier magic spells.
Possibly he might become part cyberpony himself.

If you need to describe things that are important to your character concept's mechanics using core perks, what are some of the most important perks?
Science wiz, Talented caster, sharpshooter, and finesse.

What of the finer things in life does your character most enjoy, and why?
A decent tale about prewar lore, or a simple mystery. The past is an intriguing puzzle for him, and he enjoys a decent presentation about anything that lets him revel in old world nostalgia. He has a flexible mind that pulls him towards things that are strange or otherworldly.

What is some sort of legend of the wastes that your character wants to see for themselves?
Luna and Celestia were alicorns. He would love to find out more about these ancient manifestations of magic and beauty for himself.

What are some other miscellaneous things, in particular, that your character wants to quest for?
Magic, technology, power, and knowledge.

What does your character want to create or make?
Decent armor, and weapons for the group / civilian use.
Cyber limbs for crippled ponies, or a spell that restores limbs to crippled ponies.
A bottle-cap printing machine.
Prototype robots of many types and kinds.
A spell or weapon that brings down arcane wrath or terror in a large area of effect.

What do they want to do when they are too old to adventure, or otherwise disinclined to adventure?
He would probably try to find a way to get recruited into the steel rangers or other spell-casting prewar inclined faction that would welcome his assistance. He knows that his knowledge of medicine and toaster repair could easily get him a place somewhere, but he is disinclined to settle down because of all the waste going around. He might try to make or find a faction of adventurers that try to venture around to bring law back to the wastelanders, or turn down a darker path seeking immortality through various means.

What injustice of history or the wastes really gets your character's ire going?
The downfall of civilization is a real sore spot for him. Anypony openly disrespecting the past out of ignorance will earn his ire.

What thing or group in the wastes does your character hate, and what do they want to do to those things or that group?
Anarchists / lawless ponies, tribal gangs, raiders and cannibals. These ignorants usually live by subjugating others and will all eventually die by his hoof or the hoof of at the hooves of another.

What does your character fear, and why do they fear that thing, and what do they want to do about it?
Mutant creatures and ghouls are unnatural aberrations made by taint and horrible necrotic radiation. They don't belong to this world, but he will let them live so long as they are intelligent enough to not attack. He considers his fear an irrational fear based on prejudice that he would like to be rid of. If possible he would like to learn some more history or prewar knowledge from an ancient ghoul so that he can overcome this irrational fear of them, but the distrust and disgust will almost always be there.

What theme, as in storytelling theme, do you see your character's personal story being about?
That depends on what the party ends up doing really. I am basically going half inventor, half gunslinger, and half gandalf in search of a place in life that fits his cutiemark. He is basically Van Helsing the younger with a different profession. The woes of science is basically that you can't science the world right, and most discoveries take half a lifetime to bear fruit on a wider scale. Most inventors don't get an ounce of credit until they die, and he is now attached to a changeling through unknown fate.

The personal story would be about a very clever stallion being pulled in multiple directions, and with all these options he will follow his heart and go where it takes him.

How do you see your character's personality and viewpoint changing as the story progresses? He will probably continue on as a bit of an eccentric, but quite capable in his own way.
Being evil is not the same as being heartless.

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