PnP Group Unlucky 13. Aka: Hoofington Sucks

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PnP Group Unlucky 13. Aka: Hoofington Sucks

Postby TenMihara » Tue Oct 16, 2012 2:06 am

War. War never changes.
What does change is who's fighting, and what is worth fighting for.
Almost two-hundred years ago, the ponies and the zebras were fighting. What for? The reasons changed as the war dragged on. First it was over resources. Then it was for the nations themselves. Finally, it came to be about the threat of extinction, and the end of days. Then it was over
The worst came to pass, and the Zebras and ponies ensured each other's mututal destruction. Everyone lost.
But all was not lost, because life is persistent. Ponies hid in Stables and shelters and fled to places where the spellfire and radiation hadn't reached.
Which begs the question of why -anyone- would ever come to Hoofington
Before the war, Hoofington was a shining example of the Ponies' advances. A beacon of technological, scientific and magical progress. Now, it's the Equestrian Wasteland's biggest death trap
Still, people live there. The city core is sealed off, but the region was almost like a nation unto itself, with various suburbs and outlying settlements built around it
One such settlement was Flankfurt. What is was before the bombs fell, who can say? Now, it's simply known as Flank. One of the most wretched hives Hoofington has to offer, and yet still people come there.
This story is about some of those people. Who are they? What are they fighting for? I guess we'll find out...

Documents to Know:
Core Rules: ... k0xo4/edit
Weapons/Armour/Item List: ... 3Ync#gid=0
Character Sheet (Template; make your own copy): ... xU0E#gid=0
Perk Listing (Constant WIP, let me know if something is missing): ... Pb0E#gid=0

House Rules on Common Hazards:

Enervation: -10 to All Skills while inside an Enervation Field (this manifests as a headache that serves as the only warning of the field's existence). -1 End Penalty for each 30 minutes spent in Enervation Field. If Endurance is dropped below 3, you lose consciousness. If End is reduced to 0, character is liquified and dies (puddles aren't very lively). Enervation also disrupts most forms of magic, exacerbates wounds, and diminishes healing potions. Some Enervation Fields are stronger than normal, so watch out.

Taint: Hazardous Magical Byproduct: Do not Touch, Breathe or Stare At! Contact with taint yields a Save or Die situation; End check with modifier based on volume of exposure. Survival of taint exposure provides a small chance to gain a beneficial mutation, and a large chance of a grotesque, entirely unhelpful lump of cancer. Even looking at this stuff is hazardous to your health.

Radiation: Sickness increases at every 200 Rads of accumulated exposure (as per the video games). Rads cannot be flushed from your system except with RadAway (Or a rare spell). Any character who accumulates 600 or more Rads will be subject to mutations that may or may not be benign. Accumulation of 1000 Rads results in Death, with a small chance of ghoulification. Rad accumulation increases with proximity and potency of the radiation source.

Sleep Deprivation, Starvation and Dehydration: You need to eat and drink at least twice a day. As well, at least five hours (out of 16 per day) of sleep is required to avoid deprivation. The first sequential day in which you miss out on one of these you will be allowed to make an endurance check to avoid the penalties, and will start suffering on the following day. If you fail the endurance check, you will be immediately subjected to the first level of penalties (As per the games) for that particular deficiency. Each subsequent day you fail to eat, drink or sleep more, you will be advanced one stage of penalties, up until the 5th day, which results in death for any of these three conditions.

Combat Injuries: Bullets, buckshot and other conventional firearm projectiles require surgical removal, the difficulty being related to the caliber of the shot and the type of ammunition used. Magical Energy weapons will leave burns that do not dissipate upon consumption of healing potions. Explosives, high caliber firearms, higher power magical energy weapons, and weapons that feature 'Bonus Limb Damage', have a chance to completely dismember a limb if it is crippled by an attack made with that weapon, rolled by the player's luck or agility, whichever is higher. A Head crippled in this manner counts as decapitated and results in immediate death by the Chunky Salsa Rule. As well, any single attack that deals more than 67% (2/3's) of a player's total hit points in one attack to either the head or torso also results in immediate death by the Chunky Salsa Rule.

Weapon Condition: Weapons will always have a Condition set as a multiple of 10%, from 0-100. A Weapon's value and damage (before application of DT) are equal to the base/rolled value multiplied by condition percentage. A Critical Failure of a weapon will always result in damage to the weapon of 10% Condition. A Natural 100 Critical Failure may produce further degradation. As well, disarm attempts and attacks made directly against weapons will also result in damage to a weapon's condition, depending upon the outcome of the rolls. Weapon Repair Kits can be crafted with a mechanics score of 50 or greater from 2 Scrap Metal, 1 Scrap Electronics, 1 Wrench, 1 Wonderglue and 1 Duct Tape (as in FoNV). Each kit will restore a flat 20% condition to a weapon. However, no weapon may be repaired above 80% total condition by a repair kit, and kits can only be used on the same weapon a maximum of 5 times (Duct Tape and a wrench will only get you so far). A weapon repaired by cannibalization of a weapon of the same type will regain condition equal to half the current condition of the consumed weapon (with a minimum of 10% restored in the case of weapons at 20% condition or less). This can be done indefinitely so long as a weapon of the same type is available to consume.

1) Aqu (As Harmony): ... Rc3c#gid=0
2) Mister Clacky (As Rime): ... xQ3c#gid=0
3) Tyrannis Umbra (As Razor): ... qWXc#gid=0
4) TicTac (As Proverb): ... fLUE#gid=0
5) Fridge (As Logic Gates): ... 5Smc#gid=0
6) EdtiGron (As Green Field): ... true&gid=0
7) RadioHooves (As Missile Rush): ... EdEE#gid=0

The Fallen:
Doc: ... VTmc#gid=0 (Killed by Raiders)
Purple Kay: ... Cdnc#gid=0 (Comatubed by Talon Mercs)

The Retired/Away (You will be missed):
The Batmare: ... zSUE#gid=0
Jake Juice: ... VQ0E#gid=0

Playtime: Sunday Afternoons, starting at 12pm EST. Henceforth we shall be using PnP/Dice 3, as a courtesy to Blue Team and Hobo's Group, who were established before us.

Session Logs:

Session 1: Session 11: Session 21:
Session 2: Session 12: Session 22:
Session 3: Session 13: Session 23:
Session 4: Session 14: Session 24:
Session 5: Session 15: Session 25:
Session 6: Session 16: Session 26:
Session 7: Session 17: Session 27:
Session 8: Session 18: Session 28:
Session 9: Session 19: Session 29:
Session 10: Session 20: Session 30

Session 31: Session 41: Session 51:
Session 32: Session 42: Session 52:
Session 33: Session 43: Session 53:
Session 34: Session 44: Session 54:
Session 35: Session 45: Session 55:
Session 36: Session 46: Session 56:
Session 37: Session 47: Session 57:
Session 38: Session 48: Session 58:
Session 39: Session 49: Session 59:
Session 40: Session 50: Session 60:

Session 61:
Session 62:
Session 63:
Session 64:

Bonus Logs:

Drinking with Buddy and Bats:
Proverb's 'Punishment' [NSFW]:
The Daughter We Never Had:
A Field for Daisy [NSFW]: ... uLUfU/edit
LG and the Bug:
Fifty Shades of Kay:
Session 53b:
Rime and Razor Reconcile:

Memory Orbs:

'The Best I've Made': ... jUDOI/edit

Boss Battles:

Malfunctioning Mr. Gutsy - Defeated by a group effort.
Raider Boss Thugnut - Defeated by Razor and The Batmare
Half-Crazed Rampage - Killed (Briefly) by The Batmare (Not an intended boss, but this deserved recognition)
One-Claw the Giant Radscorpion - Killed by The Batmare with help from Jake Juice and Purple Kay
Grim Hoof the Grizzled Slaver - Killed in a duel by The Batmare
Queen Fire Ant - Gutted thoroughly by Razor.
This One - Escaped, later killed among other Taintlings.
Talon Commanders (Gregory, Glinda and Gilford) - Defeated by Proverb, Razor and Harmony respectively.
Toxicity; Reaper #47 - Defeated by Razor, earning her a position in the Reapers.
Gehenna Silverstreak - Honeycomb'd by Rime, after she nearly killed Razor 1v1


Flank: Liked
Chapel: Liked
Megamart: Accepted
Toll: Idolized
Reapers: Accepted (Razor), Neutral (Others)
Elysium/Society: Exiled (Harmony), Neutral (Others)
Paradise: Neutral

Group 13 Art:
Razor VS. The Batmare!
Widdle Wazor
Purple Kay
"The Best I've Made"
Purple Kay
Green Field and Daisy
Razor and Kay Photo Booth
Can't Murder now, Sleeping.
Proverb should not be Alive Right Now
Rampage vs Provy MTG "Impale"
Booze and Kindness
Pool Shark
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Re: PnP Group Unlucky 13. Aka: Hoofington Sucks

Postby TyrannisUmbra » Tue Oct 16, 2012 2:53 am

Obligatory posting! Hiya everypony! Razor's pleased to meet you! And by that, I mean of course she can't wait to get to slashing! :rwalk:
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Re: PnP Group Unlucky 13. Aka: Hoofington Sucks

Postby RadioHooves » Tue Oct 16, 2012 3:53 am

RadioHooves signing in!

Look out, Hoofington! Here comes Missile!

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Re: PnP Group Unlucky 13. Aka: Hoofington Sucks

Postby shadow77777778 » Tue Oct 16, 2012 5:46 am

Here's Jake Juice! He's your medic, so you better protect him! ... VQ0E#gid=1 Still a little bit of a WIP, and yeah, he's going to be a 'jack of all trades', but primarily a medic and the party's barterer more than anything else.

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Re: PnP Group Unlucky 13. Aka: Hoofington Sucks

Postby Zepheniah » Tue Oct 16, 2012 6:19 am ... E95eWJ6d2c
Micro Sparkle? Who names their colt that? I mean, seriously.

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Re: PnP Group Unlucky 13. Aka: Hoofington Sucks

Postby Mister_Clacky » Tue Oct 16, 2012 8:32 am

Good day, companions. I am Purple Kay. Please call me P. K. Or Kay. If you call me Purple, we will have bad day. My past will be revealed this evening. (Ie imma finish my character after work). I look forward to working with you all.
War is cruelty, and none can make it gentle. ~Gilbert Parker

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Re: PnP Group Unlucky 13. Aka: Hoofington Sucks

Postby NitoKa » Tue Oct 16, 2012 9:17 am

I wouldl ike to sign up, just give me a day or two to get the character sheet together. I'll do it as soon as I can!

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Re: PnP Group Unlucky 13. Aka: Hoofington Sucks

Postby f1r3w4rr10r » Tue Oct 16, 2012 12:41 pm

Just going to post it here too then. I would also like to participate, here be my char: ... XNEUWhzSkE

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Re: PnP Group Unlucky 13. Aka: Hoofington Sucks

Postby TicTac » Tue Oct 16, 2012 3:58 pm

Posting here cause I said I'd do it :P I'll make a char sheet up later

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Re: PnP Group Unlucky 13. Aka: Hoofington Sucks

Postby TenMihara » Tue Oct 16, 2012 4:37 pm

So, Tictac and Shadow approached me in the IRC first, so they have been given the remaining slots. My apologies to Firewarrior, NitoKa and Zeph, but that's just bad luck. Then again, this is an unlucky group, so maybe you're the lucky ones for not being subjected to it.

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