The PNP LFG thread "looking for game"

A place to discuss any PnP (Pen and Paper) role-playing games you are working on.
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Re: The PNP LFG thread "looking for game"

Post by DamnfoolBrony » Thu Mar 21, 2013 10:10 pm

Forum Name: DamnfoolBrony

IRC Chat Name: DamnfoolBrony, Damnfool, Cranberry_Cookie, Lucky_Charm, Lucky

Preferred Ruleset: None.

Timezone: PST (GMT -8)

Character List: Compass, Blue Bolt, Custard Cup, Gallows, Ketchup and Mkali, among others. I am also open to creating an entirely new character for a campaign.

Preferred Game Times: Good days/times for me are Saturday and Friday after 23:00 GMT

Best Pony: Spike. Spike is best pony.
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Re: The PNP LFG thread "looking for game"

Post by Zephyr » Sat Mar 23, 2013 2:30 am

Forum Name: ZephyrWiles

IRC Chat name: ZephyrWiles

Preferred Rule-set: FoE revised, but can do any with help.

Timezone: UTC−06:00 Central Time Zone

character list:

Preferred Game Times: Anyday anytime after 7p.m. or 8p.m.

Best Pony: Homage

Honestly, I'm pretty flexible with gaming and can play til anytime after the above starting time. I love long sessions, but short ones are ok, too. As far as anything else like rules and such go, I'm flexible as long as some are willing to help me if I don't understand. Mostly, I just want to get in a game. It been two years since my last game and I've been sorely missing gaming the entire time.

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Re: The PNP LFG thread "looking for game"

Post by Sparkplug70 » Fri Apr 05, 2013 7:35 am

I myself am looking for a game ladies and gentlemen, I'm looking to get my first 'rea' rp here under my belt, here is the link to my character ... tZFE#gid=1 And there we go Please PM me for details, thank you and have a great day

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Re: The PNP LFG thread "looking for game"

Post by SilverlightPony » Mon Apr 22, 2013 10:22 pm

Forum Name: SilverlightPony

IRC Chat name: Silverlight

Preferred Rule-set: Kkat's Revised Rules w/ TenMihara's item/equipment list and my own Epic Skillz addendum.

Timezone: Eastern Daylight Time (UTC -4)

character list: Silvermane (works for most settings); Starshine (Only works for post-Goddess, preferably post-Sunshine and Rainbows settings). Could roll up a new one if necessary, but I'd rather not.

Preferred Game Times: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday evenings, after 9:30pm Eastern Time; and Saturday afternoons and evenings after about 4:00pm Eastern Time. (in Hellgate Canyon group Tuesday evenings, and Sunday evenings I'm busy with my podcast)

Best Pony: Littlepip
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Re: The PNP LFG thread "looking for game"

Post by Note Worthy » Fri Apr 26, 2013 10:41 pm

Questions! There are questions! So I will answer! :scootangel:

Forum Name: SunlightOctave

IRC Chat name: SunlightOctave

Preferred Rule-set: Kkat's ruleset, although open to anything you'll throw at me.

Timezone: CST/CDT

Character list: Sunlight "Octy" Octave

Preferred Game Times: Relatively Open, can't do Monday-Wednesday due to other obligations.

Best Pony: Applejack :ajsmug:

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Re: The PNP LFG thread "looking for game"

Post by TyrannisUmbra » Fri May 03, 2013 10:45 pm

Forum Name: TyrannisUmbra

IRC Chat name: TyrannisUmbra

Preferred Rule-set: Have experience playing multiple variations of the original Sunrise ruleset, as well as Kkat's Revised ruleset. Am open to playing many different rulesets, as long as they have some kind of straightforward documentation. I prefer having a straightforward, comprehensive list of references.

Timezone: EST (GMT-5), though I tend to keep very strange hours and my sleep schedule tends to adapt to what I'm currently doing.

Character list: I prefer to make a new character for every game that I play. For a reference, the list of my characters is as follows:
Spoiler: show
Fire Lily - Magically gifted unicorn filly who's afraid of hurting other ponies.
Cloudy Breeze - Formerly known as Zephyr, a former Enclave captain who sacrificed family for her career, and could no longer live with herself because of the guilt. She subsequently faked her own death, dyed her mane, and started a new life under an assumed name.
Clara - A Changeling therapist aboard the starship Destiny. A kind and caring pony (despite not actually being a pony). She prefers not to be seen in her 'natural' form, and maybe even wishes she was /really/ a pony, deep down inside.
Ace - A suave, charismatic Earth Pony stallion. Life's his own personal game, and he /always/ wins.
Razor - A young unicorn mare out to become a Reaper. On the surface, she's tough, crude, impatient, and maybe even a little bloodthirsty. But on the inside, she has passion, tenacity, and a drive to teach the Wasteland that not everypony will just sit there and take it! Oh, and she wants to find her kidnapped mother, too.
Snack Cake - An Earth Pony mare from Stable P03. She's become timid since discovering the surface, though back in her stable she was friendly and outgoing. She hates violence, and that is the source of most of her fears. When left to herself, she enjoys nothing more than cooking! She was a dessert chef back in her stable, and loves sharing her delicious desserts with everypony.
Tracker - Monster Hunter unicorn. Not much else to say. I was on a Monster Hunter binge and wanted to make a Monster Hunter pony. Not much backstory because I've not come up with it yet.

Preferred Game Times: Schedule is pretty open at the moment. Currently I have games on Sunday and Tuesday, so days other than that are fine with me. Typically my limit is on early game starts, but that's more on a case-by-case basis. Don't be afraid to ask me.

Best Pony: Appledash. I mean, come on, it's the most adorable thing in the universe!
Primary IRC nicks: TyrannisUmbra, Silver_Wing
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Re: The PNP LFG thread "looking for game"

Post by SilverlightPony » Sat May 11, 2013 7:03 pm

Update: edited my post above to reflect changes in my availability. I dropped out of Revenge group, so I'm available earlier on Saturdays now.
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Re: The PNP LFG thread "looking for game"

Post by Ametros » Tue May 14, 2013 10:40 pm

Forum Name: Ametros

IRC Chat name: Ametros

Preferred Rule-set: Don't mind.

Timezone: New Zealand - GMT+12

character list: None as of yet

Preferred Game Times: Variable

Best Pony: Luna

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Re: The PNP LFG thread "looking for game"

Post by Rippedshadow » Mon May 27, 2013 9:49 pm

Forum Name: Rippedshadow

IRC Chat name: Rippedshadow

Preferred Rule-set: Kkat's revised, fine with most any additions, and willing to try other systems.

Timezone: EST (GMT -5)

character list: Energy Flux (requires GM approval for currant iteration) and Blast Zone. Can make characters tailored to the group.

Preferred Game Times: Preference is Friday or Sunday after 7 or 8 PM, willing to try and do afternoons on Sunday, but anything before 4 PM is iffy for me.

Best Pony: Luna.
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Re: The PNP LFG thread "looking for game"

Post by TheWanderingZebra » Sun Jun 02, 2013 12:47 am

Hello, I'm quite new here on the forum. I have experience on roleplaying games before, and I'm quick to adapt.

Forum Name: Otaku1995exe

IRC Chat name: Otaku1995exe

Preferred Rule-set:I'll go with any, but more familiar with nWoD rules.

Timezone: Central Time Zone

character list: ... ZWEE#gid=0

Preferred Game Times: Any time that isn't too early in the morning.
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