[Concept] The Thief and The Crow

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[Concept] The Thief and The Crow

Postby Cyberpunked » Sat Sep 13, 2014 12:10 am

So, I had an idea for a story...


It is precisely one-hundred-and-forty years after the bombs fell.

Imagine yourself in a prison cell. The cell is small, twelve feet on a side and made of scratchy concrete. There is no bed, no windows, and no heating. The only thing you have to keep yourself warm is a thin blanket. At some point in the day, guards in faceless armor bring food to your cell. At another, they take you out to relieve yourself. The only visitors you have are an old childhood friend who has moved on and found better pursuits and the Deputy, a warmonger with a taste for blood. Imagine you are in here for a month, and at the end of the week, you're to be taken out one last time and shot.

However, between now and then, an odd stallion comes by. You don't know why he's here- he's just a tall statue, standing with glinting brassy eyes and crooked yellow teeth. The Sheriff is beside him, though they're speaking in a language you barely recognize. Right up until the brass-eyed stallion tells the Sheriff "I'll take him off your hooves."

Before you know it, you're alone with the odd stallion. He tells you he needs a thief, somepony no one would look at and say "hey, I know this one!" Someone... clandestine, someone he can deny he had involvement with and get away Scott-free. Says you'll be operating somewhat independently to acquire a piece of advanced technology from an old casino that he needs. Says that he can pull strings and get you a better lot in life if you do what he says. And he says you're going up against The Dog...

Considering your situation right now as a prisoner in the last days of his life, you're willing to accept. The day after, you're in the back of a vehicle that flew through the sky, traveling to a place a far ways away from even the furthest you've traveled, and unloaded in the largest city you've ever seen.

And about to be on the ride of your life.


Technical Details:
Spoiler: show
Perspective: 1st Person
Genre: Heist, Thriller
Rating: Teen
Setting: Southeastern United States-esque area. It wasn't hit nearly as bad by the bombs, and has actually had a little time to recover and form civilizations again, though notoriously isolationist ones.

Protagonist: The Thief (Lark)
A thirty-something earth pony stallion. He's a scavenger and (reluctant) drug dealer, though he tries to better his lot in life through any means he can. After being ratted out by a suspicious customer, he's sentenced to execution. Despite the veneer of cool, level-headed negotiator, he has a massive heart of gold, and is willing to help if he possibly can. His cutie mark is that of a songbird with thirteen musical notes surrounding it. His weapon of choice is a pocket revolver or switchblade.

Deuteragonist: The Crow (Black Ice)
An old, old cyberpony. He works for one of the Big Families in the Atlanta-analogue. He's got a friendly sense of humor and a strong sense of morals, but he can't tolerate incompetence. Black Ice handles Lark's mission, and provides fire support in the few gunfights they get into. His cutie mark is a pair of longswords over a black feather. He owns a nigh-indestructible sword that is purported to cut through bone like it was air.

Antagonist: Rott
A griffon with a grudge and a city under his thumb. Rott is notorious for draconic business practices, unpredictable decisions, and a hot-blooded way of thinking. In the City of the Dead, he's the God of Death and his army his personal Grim Reapers: heavily-armed, highly-trained, and deadly efficient. He runs the Underworld casino, and has access to advanced technology
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