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Need A little Help.

Postby PsychicMike » Tue Feb 25, 2014 5:42 pm

Hi every one I am a big fan of the fallout equestria stories and have recently started oen of my own and now need a little help getting the last few details in order so I can start posting chapters. I have an out line, plot, setting, character sheets and a full beginning finished. But what I need now are just some help with a few details as I want my story to be in as close continuity with my three favorite stories as possible. This story takes place before, after and during the events of fallout equestria and fallout equestria project horizon and will have some story elements form not just fallout equestria and fallout equestria project horizon, but also the ditzy doo chronicles and several others. The story will start out most likely at the far edge of the equestria wasteland and work its way in and across it as the story progresses. So I need a map of equestria both just before the mega spells hit and now in the present when little pip exits stable 2. The next detail I am a little embarrassed about but I still have not chooses a gender for the main character Tinker. Tinker is a young good natured unicorn with a knack for repair and brain for science who was razed in a stable that pried itself on the advancement of knowledge and enlightenment of pony kind. And at this point the way the story is structured Tinker can be either male or female and not much would be changed. So I want to put it to a vote and see what the fans think, mare or stallion. Also I have been rereading most of the stories I liked to try and get a since of the stable network and the state of each stable. So if any fans could give me a list of the stables found and there condition it would help a lot with my story. The last thing I need is someone to help me edit each chapter, I like to think of my self as a very good story teller, but that said my spelling and grammar is horrible so I will need some help making each chapter readable and with in continuity with the chapters previously written as well as the stories I am most fond of.

Thank you for any and all help you might give.

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