Mr. Clacky's Friday Forum #1.5: Graduation!

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Mr. Clacky's Friday Forum #1.5: Graduation!

Postby Mister_Clacky » Fri May 11, 2012 10:41 pm

Hello fellow writers! It's your favorite arachnid abomination again!

This is going to be a really short one because I'm graduating this weekend! Playing host to family and doing all the required dog and pony show crap is going to eat up my entire weekend.

Seeing as I will not be able to hash out a full Friday Forum post this weekend I thought I would use this post to ask you all what topics would all would like to see covered. I think a Friday Forum on protagonist/antagonist development or Mary Sues could be informative. What do you all want to see covered?

I'm hoping to get enough time on Sunday to answer the responders in the first forum post. See you then!
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