Season 2, Episode 13: Baby Cakes

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Season 2, Episode 13: Baby Cakes

Postby icekatze » Sun Jan 15, 2012 9:18 pm

hi hi

I've had a few discussions with different people on the topic of Baby Cakes now, and I've noticed a recurring theme of people being upset with how Pound Cake could fly and how much magic Pumpkin Cake used. As much as I like to twist my mustache and chuckle with sinister glee every time the writers take a pen, sword or sword-pen to fan theories, I'm afraid that it only takes a little bit of benefit-of-the-doubt to make their abilities fit in with their existing lore, and even to fit in with Fallout Equestria lore... If one is so inclined.*

1: Pumpkin Cake's ability to use magic as a foal has bothered some people because she was doing things that other unicorns, including Twilight Sparkle, have trouble doing such as: levitating herself and phasing through walls.
• Although Rarity points out that unicorn foals sometimes have random magical outbursts, that didn't cut it for some.
• Twilight Sparkle has frequently mentioned that unicorn magic takes concentration. I have rarely known babies to be anything but single minded when there's something they want. You don't get much more concentration than that.
• Magic shows up in lots of unique forms, from the inexplicable Pinkie Sense to trees that magically grow lightning apples. If you can accept Rarity's statement about random magic at face value, then it isn't hard to assume that at least some of the magic that allowed Pumpkin Cake to levitate herself might have come from an external source, and through the purity of her intent, was channeled towards a goal.
• Unicorn magic has been shown acting out of control before. Twilight Sparkle's come to life spell in Winter Wrap-Up, Rarity's gem finding spell carried her to the rock of destiny and spontaneously detected the Diamond Dog's necklace.
• Unicorns usually only have a small bit of magic relating to their special talent, but as Foals, they've scarcely begun to develop a special talent yet, so they've got tons of raw potential for a while.
• As fantastic as Pumpkin Cake's abilities were, they were still nowhere on the same level as Twilight's outburst, being small and localized. So it makes sense that the Stallion Stable dwellers still wouldn't think a Filly capable of such a thing.

2: Pound Cake's ability to fly and lift heavy objects has bothered some people as well, many of which think it is disrespecting Scootaloo.
• IRL, there's no way a pegasus could fly with wings of that size, so I always assumed that their flight was sort of magical in nature too, and random surges of magic might effect them too.
• Everyone has different levels of ability. Fluttershy was always a weak flier, Rainbow Dash was racing when she was just a filly, and had trouble performing the Sonic Rainboom later in life. A pair of little fillies, much younger looking than Scootaloo, flew up and placed roses around Luna's neck in episode 2. Rainbow Dash mentioned that he'd be up and flying around in no time, so perhaps as a pegasus, she realized that he had strong wings for a foal.
• Some people are born with birth defects, I know someone who needs a prosthetic to walk. It is possible that Scootaloo was born with tiny wings and will get them enchanted when she stops growing, that she is just a late bloomer.
• Ponies do grow very fast, so its possible that during their early years, their bodies will outgrow their wings for a while until the wings have a chance to catch up.

But most importantly: Kids have lots of energy.

Now, you don't have to agree with me if you don't want to, but it is my opinion that in this case, there is plenty of wiggle room to work with the writers if you should choose.

*((I'll just have to save my evil laugh in hopes that Princess Cadence will shatter the notion of a master race of godlike winged unicorns from ancient times that is so popular in fan fiction. I've been practicing, and I've been told its really quite evil these days.))

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Re: Season 2, Episode 13: Baby Cakes

Postby otherunicorn » Sun Jan 15, 2012 11:47 pm

People are forgetting the primary purpose of the show here. It was written to be fun. It was hilarious. It was also poking fun at Jack-Jack Attack from The Incredibles, so the most powerful force in the fictional universe was at work - Script writer's intervention.
I don't see why people get so upset about things being canon all the time. Face it, nothing we write is canon*. It doesn't matter how far we stray, as long as what we write remains enjoyable.

*There is only one recorded case of something a fan writing becoming canon, and what they wrote was two words long - "Derpy Hooves".

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Re: Season 2, Episode 13: Baby Cakes

Postby The Jack » Wed Jan 18, 2012 3:23 pm

Yes. This is pretty much all the reasons I came up with on how this worked, plus a few more.
Though, as Otherunicorn says, one should enjoy the show without getting hanged up in canon. I am still capable of doing that when I watch the actual episode... but afterwards, analytical-Me starts to worry about canon. I prefer it this way xD
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