Fallout Equestria radio-play in need of talented VA's.

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Fallout Equestria radio-play in need of talented VA's.

Post by Silver Linings Radio » Sun Dec 01, 2013 9:19 am


We are beginning production of an exciting and never before seen radio-play set in the Fallout Equestria wasteland and we are in need of voice actors to fill many of the roles.

The story follows a disgraced and broken dashite as he discovers just how harsh the wasteland is to the weak and innocent at heart all while trying to find those who caused him to venture into the wastes in the first place...
And make them pay.

Currently we have 1 script written for an introductory teaser and are in need of several male VAs, one of which will be long term throughout the production of the series. If you are a female you may also audition a sample reel as we can assure you that female parts WILL be introduced later and we will stay in touch with you if we determine you fit the part.
Although these are voice auditions, if you have skills in writing, proofreading, sound editing, etc, please feel free to let us know.
While we understand that we all have our own personal lives complete with social aspects and unforeseen crisis, we do insist that our VAs have a work ethic.

Mic requirements:
As this is a radio-play, the better the quality of microphone the better. Audio can be repaired and noise removed, but if you recorded a reel on an Iphone or like device we cannot fix this.

PLEASE SEND REALS TO ely.wynn@yahoo.com OR POS ON THIS THREADhttp://mlpforums.com/topic/79904-fallout-equestria-radio-play-in-need-of-talented-vas-open/


Sterling Cloud

Early adult
Pegasus Male

voice type: Mid to deep range male. Young but rough. (If you can can sound like Kiefer Sutherland than you're in)

This is the main character of the story, so the VA who gets this role should be aware that this will be a long-term commitment. Sterling is a pegasus who continued to live in the safety of the clouds long after the war until one day, a rogue balefire bomb was detonated in his city killing everyone he knew and loved. Scarred both physically and emotionally, he enters the wasteland below on a mission to find the splinter group and bring them to justice. Sadly, the wasteland has only shown him hardship and suffering, and to cope he has taken to "unhealthy" habits such as smoking, drinking, one night stands, unorthodox fighting tactics, etc. He is no vagrant, as he is a skilled marksmen and survivalist. More of his backstory has been left out because of spoilers.

Sample lines:

--It's true what they say. War never changes. If anything, it's patient. The Great War decimated the world below, consuming all life in arcane fire and destroying countless lives both past and present. Not for us though. The Pegasi closed the sky and our civilization continued to thrive. At least that was what I was told as a colt.

--(in anger) I said shut up!

--I don't need your help. I've got everything I need now.

Spike / Watcher

200+ year old adult dragon male.

Voice type: Any. Will be altered slightly to become reptilian and robotic.

If you've read Fallout Equestria then you already know this character. Otherwise, suffice to say that this is a older version of Spike who monitors the wasteland through the use of robotic communication drones.

Sample lines:

--You don't have to do this. That is always a better way to solve this.

--Please, I'm begging you. We have to be better than this.

--Don't even think for a minute that I can't understand what you've lost because I have. But revenge won't solve anything.

Captive zealot

Any equine species, possibly Zebra.

Voice type: Any.

This is a generic baddie for this episode. The only details are that he is a part of the fanatical group responsible for the attack that Sterling is out to avenge. They are zealous for their cause and very dangerous.

Sample lines:

--Who was it pegasus?

--A population in the hundreds finally went to tartarus except you, even though millions have gone before.

--More than one of us there may be, and I wish death on those like thee.

Thank you for you're interest!

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Re: Fallout Equestria radio-play in need of talented VA's.

Post by SilverlightPony » Sun Dec 01, 2013 8:47 pm

I feel the need to clarify that this is not the EBC radio play of Fallout: Equestria itself (which has been known as "the Fallout Equestria radio play" for some time). This is an unrelated project that has no affiliation with the Equestrian Broadcasting Company.

That said, I do wish you the best of luck with this project. :)
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