Writing a new fanfic (first write)

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Writing a new fanfic (first write)

Post by Ponnaj » Wed Jun 26, 2013 6:14 pm

hello Fo:E community!

i´m aspiring to write a new Fo:E sidestory, which would be my first fanfic, namely

Fallout Equestria: Dark Clouds
(that´s a working title so far, i aslo thought about some others (stormfront being the best of those)

short synopsis:
one year after the Day of Sunshine and Rainbows: cloudbreaker, a loyal enclave engineer, overhears a strange conversation between some of his superiors, which unfortunately spot him
the next thing he remembers is being set down by pegasi-soldiers in a small village on the slopes of Mt. Canterlot (mountain where canterlot was built, if it has a name, feel free to correct me^^)
but why should the out-of-power enclave-military exile one of their shrinking numbers? what did cloudbreaker overhear? and should he listen to his loyalties, or his heart?

so, yeah, i basically want to address how the enclave reacts after littlepip took the SPP over and destroyed their powerbase amongst the pegasi
i cant believe they would be completely destroyed, so they must be planning something, right?^^

the whole idea grew out of the character-idea of cloudbreaker and a few characters he will encounter, after which i slowly arrived at the shown-above synopsis (which is very basic; i have thought out rough synopsis start till finale)

-i´m currently writing the first chapters & main characters´ charactersheets (P&P-roleplayer, it´s a habit^^) out on paper to sort my thoughts
-i will base these character-sheets and their lvl-ups on the fallout: new vegas system (survival instead of big weapons, 10 + int/2 points per lvl, etc.) as i think it is better balanced, and since i will do every single lvl-up on paper the character might end up heavily overpowered when reaching lvl 30 (probable max) (the exception are perks, which are still gained every lvl, more interesting for the reader i think)
-i´m going to publish on fimfiction (probably prologue - chap. 2 on the weekend), same name as here
-i´m going to have a need for critique (which is why i´m going to publish 3 chapters at once, more to criticise^^) /a lot of "lore"-wise questions (was a while since i read the original Fo:E, last time around last christmas :lwalk: , i was occupied waltzing through Project Horizons in the last ~6 weeks :bjshrug: (also only 2 Fo:e fics i´ve read, so those are my headcanon))
-my characters will encounter the original Fo:E characters (i will ty to keep :bwalk: out of it since we don´t know yet if she survives her own story^^), i will attempt to keep them on character ( do i need to ask kkat for this one?)
-i´m not a native english-speaker, though my english is very good (that´s what various native speakers told me)
-i´m going to update here for questions and when i get new chapters online
-if anybody is willing, i might need some pre-readers^^


1. how many of the thunderheads are left over after the battle for the sun? i´m not sure about the neighvarro one, did spike bring it down? (i need to re-read the original fic Q_Q)
2. does the council-thunderhead have a name yet?

pls write down your opinions about basic synopsis/ideas/answers to my questions/grammatical correction(this specifically, always gotta keep learning!) in this thread^^

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Re: Writing a new fanfic (first write)

Post by Katzen Irastra » Tue Jul 02, 2013 11:53 pm

just a quick questions...

1-your main character will be a heroe o just another pony that was on the wrong time and place?
2- did you know that mountains near to canterlot are preeety dangerus?

hoping your answer.

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Re: Writing a new fanfic (first write)

Post by Ponnaj » Sun Jul 07, 2013 7:57 pm

i´ll try to make it a normal pony, relatively
as i said, he is an engineer with the enclave (which makes him good with repairs/energy-weapons) and at least in my headcanon every enclave-member takes part in at least basic military training, so he does have some basic skills
but no, i´m currently not planning to make him somepony who fights for the sake of protection, he was just at the wrong place and now wants to find out why exactly/has a need of revenge (you´ll see why, pretty fast)

yes, i do, but since canterlot itself got taken down i think they are slightly better now, and i´ll try to let my hero stick to the higher places for the time being (which i imagine to be safer, hard to get up there, right?^^)

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